Selecting The Right Pastette

Application Considerations

With over 50 designs to choose from there are various considerations to be made when selecting the best pipette for your application.

Pipette Length

From the shortest (36mm) to the longest (300mm), you can select the length that allows you to reach into deep vessels or delicately draw fluid from small wells.

Bulb Draw Volume

Each Pastette® in the range is shown with the maximum liquid volume that can be drawn in a single transfer allowing you to select the one most suitable to your typical volume transfers.

Tip Design

Alternative tip sizes allow you to choose smaller drop sizes in a variety of tip lengths, where work with small volumes and delicate applications is critical.

Wide bore designs are ideal for viscous fluids or whole cells reducing shearing to a minimum.

Drop Volume

All Pastettes are accurate to ±10% of the stated specification allowing you to deliver drops of known µl volumes.


Selecting The Right Pastette (Pasteur or Plastic Pipette)
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Graduated Pastettes allow you to quickly and easily deliver measured volumes.

Need Help?

If you need technical assistance in helping to identify the Pastette that best suits your needs just call Alpha Laboratories on:
+44 (0)23 8048 3000 or contact us here

You can also request a copy of our free Pastette Selector Tool
The new Pastette Selector Tool can assist in making decisions regarding which Pastette to use. Listing a range of applications it suggests which pipette(s) is the most appropriate for your needs. It will provide all the specifications for the Pastette and what packaging formats it is available in.

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Please Note:

The pipette images and drawings above should only be considered life-sized when viewed on a monitor at 100%. If in doubt please refer to the indivdual pipette's specification.

How to Order

Ordering Online

All of our Pastettes can now be ordered directly online from the Alpha Laboratories website. Click the green button above, or the order online links to place your order. You can also order by phone, fax or email.

Worldwide Distributors

Pastettes are also available through our international network of laboratory supply partners. Click the blue button above to find your local distributor.