Non-Graduated Maxi Pastettes (Pasteur or plastic pipettes)

Non-Graduated Maxi Pastettes are Pasteur or plastic pipettes which are ideal for a very wide range of laboratory and clinical point-of-care applications where larger volume liquid transfers are required.



  • Length 152mm
  • Bulb Draw 4.6ml
  • Drop Volume 50µl



  • Subculturing, Harvesting, Sampling 15, 50, 100ml tubes and flasks
  • Remove supernatant and media from cell cultures
  • Wash cells
  • Post centrifugation/trypsinisation to remove cell layers

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Pastette® Non-Sterile Sterile 1’s Sterile 10’s Sterile 20’s
Non-Graduated Maxi LW4204 LW4206
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