Paddle Standard Pastettes (Pasteur or plastic pipettes)


Standard Paddle Pastettes are non-sterile Pasteur or plastic pipettes which are useful for dispensing and mixing applications and popular with diagnostic kit manufacturers. Paddle pipettes allow you to dispense reagents onto slides, followed by mixing using the opposite end of the Pastette.

They are ideal for latex agglutination, pregnancy tests and blood grouping cards.



  • Length 124mm
  • Bulb Draw 0.2ml
  • Drop Volume 50µl



  • Triturate cells
  • Isolate Platelets from blood and wash
  • Creams
  • Oils – Automotive fluid transfers
  • Perfumes – fragrance testing
  • Beverages
  • Industrial slurries
  • Paints
  • Brewing and Dairy samples
  • Sampling from bulk liquid food stuffs
  • Smear blood samples
  • Cytology and slide staining techniques
  • Immunostaining on slides and in situ hybridisation
  • Mix and spread reagents
  • Agglutination tests
  • Mixing
  • Blood Grouping

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Pastette® Non-Sterile Sterile 1’s Sterile 10’s Sterile 20’s
Standard Paddle LW4295
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