Nearly every pipette in the vast Pastette® range has a customer application story behind it.

Plastic, unlike glass, can be moulded into virtually any design, with the additional benefit of being unbreakable and therefore safe!

Over the past 20 years users have requested modifications to the original Pastette design to meet their own specific application needs. Alpha Laboratories responded with a commitment to provide a transfer pipette to suit your application, rather than you having to change the way you work to adapt to a standard product.

Thus began the journey of the ever evolving Pastette range.

Over 50 Standard Designs

With over 50 catalogue designs to choose from you’d think there’d be a pipette for every application, yet new uses keep arising all the time and the versatility of the Pastette® knows no bounds.

Choose your relevant application to find the model of Pastette best suited to your requirements:

Need a different size, colour, volume? Have an unusual or unique application?
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