Bristol Genetics Laboratory (Graduated & Fine Tip Pastettes)

The use of Pastettes at Bristol Genetics Laboratory

The use of Pastettes at Bristol Genetics Laboratory.

Bristol Genetics Laboratory (BGL) provides a comprehensive genetics service comprising of both molecular and cytogenetic analysis to primarily the South West but also to the rest of the UK and internationally.The testing portfolio is extensive and the department also provides a wide range of technical and research support services. For further information see their website

The laboratory has 5 main departments:

  • Cytogenetics works with chromosomes at the cellular level
  • Molecular Genetics looks at Genes and particular regions within genes
  • CGH Microarray (Comparative Genomic Hybridisation) which analyses the whole genome at an average resolution of 180kb
  • Cancer Genetics which is mainly concerned with diagnosis, particularly of Leukemia, brain tumours and other solid tumour types
  • Minimal Residual Disease monitoring (MRD) of leukaemia in children

Much of the work involves cell and tissue culture for which Pastettes (pasteur/plastic pipettes) are particularly useful. Sterile Graduated 1ml Pastettes (LW4010) are used for preparing and maintaining suspension tissue cultures in cytogenetics. Non Sterile Fine Tip Pastettes (LW4060) are used for slide preparations and Sterile 3ml Graduated Pastettes (LW4112) are used for pre-natal sterile culture work.

Lorraine Warne, Laboratory Support Manager told us:

“The products are very reliable, good quality sterile pipettes and give accurate liquid handling with reproducible results. We’ve tried other brands but none measure up to the Pastette quality.”

“We’ve been purchasing these from Alpha Laboratories from the beginning. We buy on a flexible standing order, which works really well for us. Our dedicated customer service contact is really helpful and knows who we are straight away.”

Lorraine Warne – Laboratory Support Manager
Bristol Genetics Laboratory



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