Pastette Features and Quality

Trusted for many years, by thousands of scientists

The widest range of sizes, lengths and tip designs, with one piece polyethylene construction, and the ability to customise.

With Alpha Pastettes®, you’re certain to find the design to suit your specific application.

During the last 40 years Alpha has developed over 50 standard pipette designs in multiple packaging configurations, providing solutions for a vast array of customer needs. Other manufacturers only provide a limited range of designs that mean you have to change the way you work to suit the transfer pipette.

Alpha Laboratories now supplies over 100 million Pastettes each year to laboratories, clinics and industry worldwide.

The standard Pastette range has been developed by listening to our customers and providing them with quality solutions they really need.

In addition, Alpha is a leading supplier of custom designs to kit manufacturers.

Pastette Features

Pastette Features

  • Available in Sterile and non sterile versions to suit your application
  • Low–affinity surface for complete sample delivery
  • Attached bulb avoids cross contamination and ensures ease-of-use
  • One-step disposal
  • Manufactured from non toxic, food grade LDPE
    • shatterproof and safe to use
    • inert to prevent sample contamination
    • flexible
  • Manufactured to ISO 13485 with validated processes and quality control
  • FDA, QSR (cGMP) and ISO9001

Download the Pastette Quality Statement

Pastettes are routinely used for delivery of samples into:

  • Beakers
  • Dishes
  • Volumetric flasks
  • Flasks
  • Vials
  • Multi-well plate
  • Test tubes
  • Slides
  • Centrifuge tubes
  • Roller bottles
  • Cryogenic Vial
  • Winchesters

Top Quality for Best Performance

Throughout the development of the Alpha Laboratories Pastette range, quality has remained a priority.

Users experienced with using glass Pasteur pipettes know that the drop size of a pipette is proportional to the external circumference of the tip. It is therefore essential that the cross section of the tip is perfectly circular.  Oval cross sections will result in uneven drop sizes.

Quality manufacturing is therefore essential.

Testament to the quality of the Pastette manufacturing process is the development of a standard pipette with a very fine tip. The first fine tip pipette produced (LW4060) proved to be very popular in laboratories across Europe and Alpha Laboratories now produces a wide range of fine tip pipettes to support a variety of applications.

When it comes to transfer pipettes, choose Pastette, the name that delivers quality for all your application needs.
ISO-9001 registered manufacture of single use transfer pipettes ensures top performance for the clinical, diagnostic, life science, industrial, pharmaceutical and research markets.

The Pastette brand is renowned for giving customers both confidence and value.
Pastette products are widely recognised for quality, safety, consistency and craftsmanship.

Their single piece construction and responsive finger control gives performance that can be relied upon time and time again.

Remember when you reach for Pastette, you’re reaching for the best.

Experimental details

Pastette® and a competitor product were tested and compared. FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) was performed on 1ml and 3ml graduated pipettes. Using pipettes that had not been previously handled or used, a small portion was cut from the bulb of two pipettes from each brand and design. One piece was washed with Ethyl alcohol, dried with a wipe and labelled as “clean”. The other piece was left as found and labelled as “original”.  The scan from the “clean” pipette was subtracted from the “original” samples for each type to show any differences or extra peaks. A noticeable residue was found on some of the competitor transfer pipettes. This residue was extracted and analysed via FTIR and found to be Oleamide/Erucamide which is a commonly used release agent in moulding.  These compounds are of potential concern as they are a source of interference in some biological assays (e.g. G protein-coupled fatty acid receptor assays). No residual Oleamide was found via FTIR on Pastette brand transfer pipettes.


Following comparative testing on some competitor transfer pipettes they contained higher levels of bioactive extractible compounds that may interfere with biological assays.  No residue was found on the Pastette brand transfer pipettes:  You can rely on the Pastette® brand.