Micro Pastettes (Pasteur or plastic pipettes)

Micro Pastettes are ideally suited for reaching into the base of narrow-necked vessels, such as cuvettes and auto-analyser sample cups.
Butterflies feed on nectar using specially adapted mouthparts. The long and very thin proboscis is extended to reach into the base of flowers where nectar can be found. Micro Pastettes have a straight dispensing tube whereas in other types it is tapered. Ideally suited for reaching into the base of narrow-necked vessels, such as cuvettes and auto-analyser sample cups.

Micro Pastettes have a long straight stem

This makes them ideal for reaching into narrow tubes such as cuvettes, test tubes and reaction chambers:

  • Small diameter tubes
  • Cuvettes and AA cups
  • Can be heat sealed for transport

Specialist versions are available for specific applications:

  • Ultra Micro for small volumes
  • Standard Micro for reaction chambers
  • Large Bulb Micro for transfer of large volumes

Micro Pastette

Click the links below to find the right Micro Pastette for your requirements:

Standard     Large Bulb     Short Stem     Ultra Micro     Short Stem Ultra

Development of the Standard Micro pipette (LW4020) extended the range to include different bulb sizes and stem lengths to suit multiple applications (LW4252, LW4242, LW4241 and LW8241).

Some users even modify them further for their particular needs. One interesting use involves heat sealing of the tip of a Micro pipette to provide a low cost storage vial. The “vial” can be filled by aspiration or using a Fine Tip pipette, which just goes to show how very fine they are if you can fit them into the stem of a Micro pipette!

Watch the Micro Pastette® Range Video

Please Note:

The pipette images and drawings above should only be considered life-sized when viewed on a monitor at 100%. If in doubt please refer to the indivdual pipette's specification.

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