Graduated Pastettes (Pasteur or plastic pipettes)

Graduated Pastettes help to ensure accurate dispensing of fluids.
The spider measures between strands using the distance from the tip of its back legs to its spinners. Graduated Pastettes help to ensure accurate dispensing of fluids. Ideally suited for cytology and slide staining techniques, measured transfers in microbiology, clinical sampling from blood bag tubing and sample preparation in chromatography.

Graduated Pastettes enable measured transfer of liquids with +/- 10% accuracy.

The moulded graduations make it very easy to perform quick measured liquid transfers of 1, 2, 3, or 5mls in aliquots of between 0.25 and 1ml depending on the pipette used. They are available in a range of volumes.

Ideal for:

  • Measured transfer
  • Aliquoting
  • Drop by drop work

Specialist versions are available for specific applications:

  • Graduated Medi to fit blood bag tubing
  • Small Bulb Graduated for pH meter maintenance
  • Graduated Mini for slide test and micro-volumes

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Standard     Medi     Mini     Small Bulb

Graduated Pastette

Virtually every Graduated pipette in the Pastette range has a customer application story behind it:

“Can the pipette be graduated?”  Initial requests led to development of the 3ml graduated pipette (LW4111) It remains the most widely used pipette in the range.

Can we have a smaller volume graduated pipette?”  The 1ml graduated pipette (LW4040) was developed.

Can you make one with a smaller bulb?” The small bulb graduated pipette (LW4212).

Can you make a Pasteur pipette with a thinner stem for reaching into blood bags? This led to the Medi pipette (LW4336).

Can you make this one with graduations?” Graduated Medi pipette (LW4274).

“The 1ml Graduated Pastette (Pasteur or plastic pipette) provides the precision needed”.  “We use a lot of Pastettes on a daily basis.”  “Graduated Pastettes provide accuracy and convenience.”
Tony Jukes, Manufacturing Operations Manager, The Robertet Group

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Please Note:

The pipette images and drawings above should only be considered life-sized when viewed on a monitor at 100%. If in doubt please refer to the indivdual pipette's specification.

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