Fine Tip Pastettes (Pasteur or plastic pipettes)

Fine Tip Pasteur Pipettes allow the careful control of small volume transfers.

Ideal for supernatant removal, slide preparation and gel loading.

  • Precise control
  • Careful aspiration
  • Great for using with test strips

Specialist versions are available for specific applications:

  • Fine Tip Mini for colony picking
  • Fine Tip Maxi for sample removal
  • Extended Fine Tip for small drop work

Users of glass Pasteur pipettes will know that the drop size of a pipette is proportional to the external circumference of the tip. It's essential that the cross section of the tip is perfectly circular, as oval cross sections will result in uneven drop sizes.

The quality manufacturing process we use ensures production of  high performance fine tip plastic pipettes with circular tips.

Pastette shown is the Extended Fine Tip Mini (LW4231). Bulb Draw 1.0ml, Drop Volume 20µl.

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