Pastette Selector Tool

The new Pastette Selector Tool can assist in making decisions regarding which Pastette to use. Listing a range of applications it suggests which pipette is the most appropriate for your needs. It will provide the specification for each Pastette design and the packaging format they are available in.

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How to use your Pastette Selector


On side 1, use the orange selector tool to position the arrow on the procedure you intend to use the Pastette for. In this example, the chosen procedure is ‘General unmeasured transfers’.

Pastette Selector Instructions Step 1


Once positioned, the orange box in the top right hand corner will show the number/s of the recommended Pastette. The recommended Pastette for this example is number 7.

Pastette Selector Instructions Step 2


Make a note of the number/s provided.

Pastette Selector Instructions Step 3


Turn to the back of the Pastette Selector Tool, side 2, and position the selector arrow at the number that was recommended. Here, Number 7 indicates a Standard Pastette is required.

Pastette Selector Instructions Step 4


The top horizontal box displays the non-sterile option, along with its specification.

Pastette Selector Instructions Step 5


The bottom horizontal box displays further information like drop volume and quantity per pack. It also provides alternative product codes for sterile options.

Pastette Selector Instructions Step 6


If more than 1 Pastette is suggested, use the extra details e.g. drops per ml and drop volume, to choose the best Pastette that suits your requirements.

Pastette Selector Instructions Step 7


Take note of the product code and enter it into the search box on for online ordering and further details.

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