Custom Pipette Design and OEM Manufacturing

Custom Plastic Pasteur Pipette

With more than 20 years experience in custom pipette design, Alpha Laboratories is your best source for a bespoke specification.

Nearly 40 years ago Alpha Laboratories was the first company to introduce a  plastic disposable Pasteur pipette into the European market. That product, the standard Pastette, is still available today. Since then, users have favoured the Pastette for its convenience and safety and seen multiple opportunities for its use. Plastic, unlike glass, can be used to produce almost any design, with the additional benefit of being unbreakable and therefore safe!

Keen to find the best solutions for the people who use the pipettes, Alpha Laboratories responded and over the years applied various modifications to the basic design.  These provided additional features and functionalities to suit particular applications, creating a Pastette range that now includes more than 50 standard models. In addition, Alpha has created many more specific designs for kit manufacturers and other users. Sometimes you cannot find the tool that works perfectly for your application, you may want something a little different or need to personalise the product or packaging in some way.

The current Pastette range has evolved over many years to keep pace with laboratory and technique developments. Many of the current designs were the result of requests from users: adding graduations, lengthening/shortening stems and narrowing/widening the tip. If you have a specific need, we can help.

Ask the Experts! Alpha Laboratories is highly qualified to provide a range of customised solutions, tailored to your specific requirements.

Customised OEM Products

With vast experience of disposable pipette design, we offer a comprehensive service that guides you through every step of the process, from concept to finished product. This includes changes to packaging formats to match your exact requirements, sterilisation of an existing product line up to complete bespoke pipette design.

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Exemplary Quality

With an experienced team, manufacturing to ISO 13485 and validated processes and quality control, you can be assured of quality products that exactly meet your requirements. Our exceptional product development process includes:

  • CAD/CNC capabilities to design and build the most complicated moulds.
  • A custom fit to your exact specifications, including specific drop sizes.
  • FDA, QSR (cGMP) and ISO9001
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Customisation Options:

Option 1 – White Box with Standard Product

• Standard plain white box with a white case label
• Supplied in generic packaging for customisation with customers’ own label


Option 3 – Customised Product Colour and Packaging with White Box

• Compliment your business strategy by manufacturing your product with specific colour and/or bagged in specific quantities


Option 2 – Customised Label with Standard Product

• Standard white box with customised label to fit your company’s product
• Benefit from an economical customisation alternative


Option 4 – Customised Packaging and Product

• Benefit from the total customisation of your existing product offering and label with your corporate colours, bagging and unique design


Custom Pipette Specification Form

If you’d like to talk to us about a custom design, please complete the form below as completely as possible and we will get back to you.

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    Custom Pipette Specification:

    1. What is the specific use of the Pastette?

    2. Will the Pastette have Regulatory Requirements? Please specify:

    3. Will the Pastette have biocompatibility requirements?

    4. Will the Pastette be a part of a kit?

    5. Will the final kit be CE IVD marked? If yes, please answer question 6.


    6. What class of CE IVD marking? Select as appropriate.

    Class AClass BClass CClass D

    7. Will the Pastette go into a device (i.e. tube)?

    8. If yes, can you provide us a sample or a part drawing of the device?


    9. Will the Pastette be similar to an existing Alpha Labs Pastette?


    10. If yes, which Pastette will it be similar to?

    11. If the Pastette is NOT similar to an existing Alpha Labs Pastette do you have a part drawing, sketch, image or sample that you can share with us?


    12. What liquid will be collected and dispensed from the Pastette (i.e. serum, whole blood, urine, etc.)?
    (Please note that Alpha Labs will only test the accuracy with water.)

    13. Are there videos or instructions available of how the Pastette will be used that can be shared?


    14. Does the Pastette resin need any special properties?
    (If none, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) will be used.)

    15. Are ambient storage conditions acceptable?

    16. Does the Pastette need to be a specific colour? If yes, what colour?

    Volume and Scale

    17. Does the Pastette require specific dimensions? (Please note: Due to capability of blow moulding, minimum tolerances are +/- 10%.)
    If no, please go to question 23:


    18. Overall Length

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    19. Overall Volume
    (Please indicate if it will be exact)

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    20. Dispense Volume

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    21. Drop Size

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    22. Graduation Marks (if any)

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    23. Are there any packaging requirements? If no, please go to question 29:


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    25. Special Bagging? E.g. 6 pipettes per bag/ 10 pipettes per bag

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    28. Special labels with logo?
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    29. What is the estimated annual purchase quantity?

    30. What is the estimated forecast for the next three years?

    31. What is the target delivery date for samples?

    32. What is the target delivery date for launch?

    Additional information:

    Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible to avoid delays.