History of the Pastette® Range (plastic disposable transfer pipettes)

Responding to Customer Needs for 40 Years

Pastette 40th Anniversary Badge

Way back in 1978 Alpha Laboratories pioneered the introduction of plastic disposable transfer pipettes (pasteur pipettes) into the European market. It was named Pastette. The initial standard pipette (LW4000) is still available today! Pastette, the original and still the best!

Over the years, users have shown a preference for the convenience and safety of the Pastette (plastic disposable transfer pipettes). More than that, Pastettes are renowned for their soft responsive bulb, making them extremely easy to  control.

Recognising their versatility, many customers requested modifications to the original design to meet their own specific application needs.

Plastic, unlike glass, can be moulded into virtually any design, with the additional benefit of being unbreakable and safe!

Thus began the journey of the ever evolving and expanding Pastette range.

Alpha Laboratories, being responsive to the needs of laboratory personnel, has now developed over 50 standard designs of Pastette. In addition, many bespoke designs have been created for kit manufacturers and other users.

The Pastette Range has expanded in response to customer application needs

There are many more application stories relating to the development of Pastettes, find out more as you explore the range.

Sterile Products

Requests from microbiologists for sterile products heralded the introduction of gamma irradiated pipettes in sealed bags packs of 20. These were later followed by individually wrapped sterile pipettes in peel pouches, plus sterile packs of 10.

Quality Manufacturing

Throughout the development of the Alpha Laboratories Pastette range, quality has remained a priority. People experienced with using glass Pasteur pipettes will know that the drop size of a pipette is proportional to the external circumference of the tip. It is thus essential that the cross section of the tip is perfectly circular. Oval cross sections will result in uneven drop sizes.

The high quality Pastette manufacturing process enabled production of the standard pipette with a very fine tip. The initial product developed was simply named the Fine Tip pipette (LW4060) and it proved to be very popular in laboratories across Europe. It prompted more requests such as “Can you make a pipette with a longer fine tip?” resulting in the addition of the Extended Fine Tip Standard pipette (LW4635) and further extension of the range. Find out more about Fine Tip Pipettes

A Transfer Pipette for Every Application

Alpha Laboratories is committed to providing a transfer pipette to suit your application rather than you having to change the way you work to adapt to a product.

Whilst there are currently over 50 designs and an unknown number of applications, the Pastette range of transfer pipettes is forever expanding.

We rely on you, the users to tell us what your existing and potential applications may be so that we can propose a solution to your requirements from the existing range or design a new product to suit your needs.

And what would you like to do today?

Why not speak to the people with 40 years experience in transfer pipettes and the best range of products for your application.

Pastette is the original and still the best, often imitated but never bettered.

Whatever your needs we either have a solution or will find one. Contact us now.