Jumbo Pastettes (Pasteur or plastic pipettes)

Non-Graduated Jumbo

The Large Non-Graduated Jumbo Pastettes are our very largest Pasteur or plastic pipettes and are intended for demanding liquid handling tasks where the transfer of larger and difficult to reach samples is the key requirement. They are commonly used for reaching into tall bottles and deep narrow-necked vessels.

Control – With a soft and responsive bulb Jumbo Pastettes provide a high level of dexterity and control for quick and easy use.

Safety – Manufactured from low density polyethylene, these versatile pipettes are safe to use with a wide variety of liquids including oils, making them suitable for a whole host of applications from tissue culture to engineering.

Our customers say:
“There’s nothing quite like them for reaching the bottom of Winchesters, 24-hour urine bottles and tissue”

Specification Applications
Length 300mm
Bulb Draw 7.3ml
Drop Volume 50µl
Subculturing, Harvesting, Sampling 15, 50, 100ml tubes and flasks
Remove supernatant and media from cell cultures
Wash cells
Post centrifugation/trypsinisation to remove cell layers
Layering in columns/transfers in columns
Water sampling/testing
Pre-filled with KCL and buffers
Sampling from 24 hour urine containers
Clinical sample collections
Blood culture bottles
Aseptic media transfers
Sampling from bulk liquid food stuffs
Brewing and dairy samples
Automotive fluid transfers

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Pastette® Non-Sterile Sterile 1’s Sterile 10’s Sterile 20’s
Non-Graduated Jumbo LW4263 LW4264 LW4266
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Please Note:

The pipette images and drawings above should only be considered life-sized when viewed on a monitor at 100%. If in doubt please refer to the indivdual pipette's specification.

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