CapilliSafe™ Pastette for Blood Draw

These new CapilliSafe Pastettes will easily collect blood droplets from a finger stick via capillary action.

The pipettes collect and dispense a specific volume of blood at ±15%. These pipettes minimise the occurrence of air bubbles in the collection stem and are intended to replace glass capillary tubes for blood sample collection. CapilliSafe Pastettes are safer and less expensive than glass tubes and dispense blood quickly without the need for anti-coagulant coatings.

CapilliSafe Pastettes are available as single use items in two volumes 25 or 50µl. They are supplied non-sterile and are intended for surface use only, do not use beneath skin. It is recommended that gloves are worn when collecting blood samples to minimise any contamination risk. They can be used to collect and dispense other fluids as well.

How to Use the CapilliSafe™ Pastette

  1. Prick the finger with a lancet or similar implement and wait for a drop of blood to form.
  2. Hold the CapilliSafe Pastette horizontally and contact the tip of the pipette to the blood droplet. DO NOT SQUEEZE THE BULB, DRAW IS AUTOMATIC. Tip the bulb end down if slow to draw. It is important that you do not clog the vent hole when using the CapilliSafe Pastette.
  3. Capillary action will automatically draw the sample to the fill line and stop.
  4. To expel the sample, hold the CapilliSafe Pastette vertically, align the tip with the sample target and squeeze the bulb. This should be done within 30 seconds of filling.

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(Please note: CapilliSafe Pastettes are not currently CE marked)