Dedicated Pasteur/Plastic Pipettes Website

Louis Pasteur - Inventor- of the Pasteur PipetteWhatever your application, from standard liquid transfer procedures to unique or unusual uses, this new website will help you find exactly the pipette you require.

An exclusive resource provides everything you need to know about Pasteur pipettes. Discover the history generating from Louis Pasteur’s invention, to the evolution of Alpha Laboratories’ extensive range of plastic Pastettes developed in response to customer needs.

Covering a wide range of uses within Life Sciences, Industrial and Clinical environments you can explore more than 50 models to find the right pipette for your requirements. Plus, you can read of other users real life stories of routine or novel applications.

Pastette has become a globally recognised name for quality manufactured Pasteur pipettes delivering the highest performance. You can choose from Graduated, Non-Graduated, Fine Tip or Micro Pastettes. For specific applications there are also the Dual-Bulb, Paddle or Aspirator Pastettes, each bringing unique features for additional functionality, convenience or safety.

If you still can’t find the perfect pipette for your particular use, Alpha Laboratories also offers a Custom Pastette Design Service that can create a bespoke model, length, volume, colour or packaging format. Alpha Laboratories has over 20 years experience creating made to order pipette designs to exact customer specifications giving you confidence when you request a quotation for your own specific requirements.