Bristol Royal Infirmary (Extended Fine Tip Mini Pastettes)

Pastettes_in_Clinical_BiochemistryExtended Fine Tip Mini Pastettes used by Bristol Royal Infirmary.

The Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Bristol Royal Infirmary is a busy clinical laboratory processing around 1800 samples each day.

Samples arrive both directly from the hospital and from local GP surgeries. The  laboratory offers a full range of blood tests and most of these are processed through automated systems.

Some are still handled manually because they are either too complex to automate, or there is insufficient sample throughput to make it cost effective to automate.

Around 40 paediatric samples are received daily from the hospitals wards and outpatient services.

Paediatric samples arrive in a small sample tube containing a gel which aids in the separation of the sample. The blood is spun in a centrifuge which collects the cells at the bottom of the tube beneath the gel. The supernatent layer is the blood serum that is required for testing. Alpha Laboratories Extended Fine Tip Mini Pastettes (LW4231) are just perfect for reaching into these small tubes. They enable easy extraction of the serum from on top of the gel for pipetting into sampling cups.


Simon Littlewood, head of automation told us:

“These pastettes have a very fine tip with a small volume and a very controllable bulb. With other products the bulb is too stiff. They are ideal for dispensing into sampling cups without creating bubbles that can disrupt the efficiency of the analyser.”

“We have a long standing relationship with Alpha, because the products are cost effective, and the quality is very good. We also like the service provided with a dedicated contact in the sales office and a flexible standing order”.

Simon Littlewood – Head of Automation BMS3
David Ball – Laboratory Manager

Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Bristol Royal Infirmary


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